Why Bolt Brady?

Because I played the game. I was fortunate enough to be taught the West Coast offense by some of its originators. Today, every offense in the NFL and College football uses this offensive plan in their game.

While working out with All-Pros, NFL record holders and members of the NFL hall of Fame, I had the opportunity to witness the best and see what it takes to be successful. This gives me the insight to weed through all the BS you hear on TV and the radio. They're filling up Air Time. Most of it is just jabber. I don't listen to the hype of the media. I know talent.

The fact is - that almost all handicappers have never played football. Therefore, how are they considered experts? This web site is for people that want a perspective of someone that has been closer than most and has actually been on the line.

Did I play pro football? I got cut. What can I say, its not easy to play professionally. But I do think that you will appreciate my insight because of my background and experience.

Bolt Brady

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